SCARA Robot Control

SCARA Robot Control Using NodeJS and an AngularJS Browser UI

Currently developing an improved control system to interface with the Dobot SCARA Robotic Arm. I will be implementing it with a server running NodeJS that parses through standard GCODE, generates the correct command buffers that the robotic arm can interpret, and writing those commands over the serial port to effect the movement of the robot.

The advantage of writing the server using NodeJS is it makes integration with a front-end control website using the AngularJS framework simple. NodeJS and AngularJS combined provides a simple and modular approach to adding UI components to control the robot on either desktop or mobile platforms directly from a web browser.

I am hosting the project on GitHub, and you can see the source at: node-goose. Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating. If you'd like to learn more details about the ongoing project you can read about it on my blog.